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Ocean Prince Value Line
"The value is hard to beat."

Our Ocean Prince Value Line of products was created to provide a low-cost source of seafood. It is net priced and highly competitive; no slotting or advertising monies are offered with Ocean Prince items.

Seafood is one of the most nutritious foods available. Not only does it provide the building blocks our bodies need to function and grow; it provides them in their most natural form. This enables the body to absorb more of the nutrients it needs. Many of the nutrients contained in refined or processed foods cannot be readily absorbed.

Our Ocean Prince Value Line of canned seafood will continue to expand as customer needs dictate. The development of new and proprietary products is a continuous process.

Our products fit a fast-paced lifestyle where kitchen time is limited. Without sacrificing taste or nutrition, seafood can make it to the table in ten minutes or less. Enjoying seafood is part of a healthy lifestyle where nutritious food, quickly and easily prepared, contributes to well being.

Crab Meat

Kipper Snacks



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