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"Anchovy" is the name of more than 100 species of the Engraulidae family. They are small, silvery fish that resemble miniature herrings. About 4 inches in length, anchovies are most abundant in subtropical and tropical waters. Crown Prince packs the European anchovy, Engraulis encrasicolus, which is the principle anchovy used for human food. It is harvested and packed in large quantities along the coast of Morocco. Traditionally, the body is salted and packed in barrels, maturing from 3-12 months in storage. This is the only product in the Crown Prince line that is not cooked, but cured. Anchovies should not smell when you open the jar. The fish should be firm when pulled and not fall apart. Anchovy fillets should be completely free of skin and the majority of their fine bones.

Crown Prince salmon is produced only from wild caught Pacific salmon. No farm raised salmon are used. The salmon are typically caught using large fishing boats equipped with a purse seine net and are transported to the cannery in refrigerated water. Usually seawater is used during transportation, but in the case of our no-salt-added product this is avoided and fresh water is used. After inspection and cleaning, the salmon are cut into cross sections and placed into empty cans. Nothing is added to the salmon. The liquid in the can is the natural liquid that cooks out of the fish.

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